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Ordering policies for meals delivered to schools

All cancellations must be made within a minimum of 72 business hours (from Monday to Friday between 8 am and 4 pm) by contacting Customer Service before 5 pm, either:
- by telephone at (514) 437-0958 or 1-833-437-0958
- by email.

You will be reimbursed within 15 working days.

If we encounter a supply issue, La Cantine pour tous may modify the menu without prior notice.

No credit will be assigned for any absence upon meal delivery to the school. If the school is unable to distribute the meals for reasons such as: emergency, disruption of essential services, major storm or other reasons outside of one’s control, whatever they may be, a credit will be assigned until distribution resumes as usual. This credit will be assigned to the next order.

When the school administration changes the school calendar or when a pre-planned school outing occurs, parents are responsible to cancel or postpone meals.

Username and password

If the disclosure and use of your username and password should occur, La Cantine pour tous will not be held responsible and will disclaim any responsibility in this regard.

Prohibited or illicit use

It is forbidden to use this site for illicit or specifically prohibited purposes, in a manner meant to deactivate, damage, overload or compromise its use by another client. If you produce a false declaration with regard to your identity or other personal information necessary for use of this site, your dossier could be suspended or cancelled without possibility of recourse.

Disclaimer notice

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Limitation of liability

La Cantine pour tous, it’s executive, it’s employees and any other representative can in no way be held liable towards users. The one and only recourse in the case of dissatisfaction with regard to this site, it’s use and it’s content is to stop using it.


We ensure that the food we distribute does not contain peanuts or nuts. Nonetheless, we cannot guarantee the entire absence of traces of allergenic ingredients, whatever they may be. The list of ingredients indicated on our website is not exhaustive and we cannot be held responsible for any physical reaction or other consequence that may occur following ingestion of a meal. THE RESPONSIBILITY LIES ENTIRELY WITH THE PARENTS OF A CHILD WITH KNOWN OR UNKNOWN FOOD ALLERGIES..

Purchases, errors, inexactitudes, omissions

It is mandatory to be 18 years or older to purchase via this site. La Cantine pour tous reserves the right to limit, restrict or block your access to the site at any time. If a purchase was charged to your credit card and your order was cancelled, La Cantine pour tous will give you the applicable credit or will refund you, as applicable.


La Cantine pour tous provides an online ordering system to order your children’s meals without any hassle. The integrity and confidentiality of your personal information is important to us.


This notice contains the key points of our privacy protection policy with respect to personal information collected, used and disclosed by La Cantine pour tous.

Personal information

As soon as you start a relationship with us and throughout it’s duration, you authorize us to collect information about you.

To proceed to online ordering, we need your name, address, phone number and email address to enter them in your client dossier.

We ask you for personal information to establish your client dossier and to serve you better.

The sale of a meal is not conditional upon your consent, unless this consent is deemed necessary or is required by law. If such is the case, we will inform you accordingly.


We communicate information within La Cantine pour tous for management of our ordering system and administration of dossiers in accordance with legal and regulatory requirements.

We neither sell nor rent to third parties lists of clients or personal information.

You can access information that we record in your dossier and update it.